Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Take A Look Back, Shall We?

Pssst! Guess what! This is my 200th post. That means that I have written something for this blog 200 times. And I've really liked doing it. There are very few things in my life that I can say I've done 200 times of my own free will and enjoyed--no, looked forward to--doing.

I've done some things over 200 times--things like laundry and diaper changes and cleaning toilets but saying that I enjoy those things is like saying that I enjoy giving myself paper cuts on my fingertips and that I love to then douse them in lemon juice and roll them in salt, like little phalanges margaritas. But this blogging stuff? It's been a very good thing.

Blogging has allowed me to sharpen my writing skills, record pieces of my life, and vent some stuff, thereby allowing me to maintain my tenuous hold on sanity. All good things, no? Blogging has also kept my extended family in touch and introduced me, albeit in a virtual way, to some very kind people who stop by and tell me that they think I'm neat. Who wouldn't love that? It has forced me to think creatively. It has made me manage my time and plan ahead. It has allowed me to simultaneously expand my vision and focus it as well. It has allowed me to step forward on courage and share some things that I'm shy about. Blogging has made me think more deeply about some things, because I figure, if I type them and put them out there in cyberspace, then I really ought to believe it.

I'm grateful to have this space. I still get a silly little grin on my face when I come here. Thanks for sharing this place with me. I'd still come here without you, but, as Winnie-the Pooh says, "It's better with two."

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