Monday, July 6, 2009

The (Un)Usual Suspects

A roving band of miscreants known to officials as "The Family" was seen in the area recently. They are charged with merrymaking, loud laughter, public displays of affection, gambling (for nickels), the discharge of loud (but pretty) armaments, and eating everything not nailed down.

For identification purposes, officials have asked to post pictures of "The Family." At this time, members of "The Family" are only identifiable through aliases. Members of "The Family" are easily identified by their mustaches--even the women and children.

The Patriarch
The Matriarch

The Texas Two-Stepper
The Southern Belle

The Thinker
The Dog Whisperer

The Redneck
The Expectant One
The Jackal

The "Peacemaker"

Miss Optimistic
The "Quiet" One

The Birthday Boy

The Grim Reaper, aka John Deere, aka The Gardener

The Elusive Photographer

The Boss(er)

The Computer Geek

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