Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Thursday: What Might Have Been/What Will Be

For my son Joseph. It's been nine years since you came and left but I have been missing you, my sweet baby.

What Might Have Been/What Will Be

You might have been bright and social, like your big sister.
You might have been insightful and funny, like your big brother.
You might have been gregarious and sensitive, like your younger brother.
You might have been cuddly and sweet, like your younger sister.
You might have been tall and dark-haired, like your Daddy.
You might have been goofy and thoughtful, like your Mommy.
You might have been many things--carried many traits, but we never had the chance to know.

Instead, we are left with memories; memories of your perfectly-formed, but still little body.
Instead, we have pictures; pictures of long fingers, rose-petal lips and a downy cap of light-colored hair.
Instead, we speak of what we knew of you.
Instead, we speak of might-have-beens.
Instead, we remember and love.
Instead, we look forward in hope, to seeing you again someday--fully formed, fully realized, fully beautiful.

Rest easy in the arms of Jesus, my beautiful boy.

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