Monday, February 8, 2010

Odds'n'Ends: I Have Nothing To Write About--Lucky You!

I am in a bit of a writing slump, hence the light posting. I figure that if I posted my grocery list or wrote about my laundry one more time or filled you in on the cold that has made me cough up my spleen and sound like Barry White in the mornings, you might decide that you have better things to do with your time than visit this little blog. I mean, I know that I'm writing about my life here, but I have not had much good material lately. Experts always say write what you know, but when what you know is groceries, laundry, and snot, it's probably better to just keep mum.

Also, there are now things that we simply just don't talk about. That big game that happened on Sunday? The one with the big, shiny trophy at the end? That's now at the top of the list. There is some full-force nose-to-the-grindstone type of busyness happening around here. All so that we don't have to look at each other and talk about it. Good thing I'm a Cub fan because I am an expert at repeating the mantra "there's always next year."

So you see? Finding a topic that a. won't bore you, b. won't cause you to lose your breakfast with its grossness, or c. is even available for discussion has been a bit of a task. I was going to post a recipe for wild rice chicken noodle soup, but that just seemed lame. I kept talking with my children (OH! The sacrifices I make in the name of blogging!! Talking to my children--what kind of hell do you people expect me to live in?) in hopes that they might say something funny, but to no avail. Their mouths were opening and closing and stuff was coming out but I tuned them out after "I'm hungry" and "Could you take me to _____?"

I guess instead of any sort of cohesive topic I will leave you with random bits of stuff:

My crazy dog has been prescribed regular over the counter Benadryl for allergy symptoms like red eyes, itching, and licking. I've never experienced excessive licking as a symptom of any kind and if I ever do, I'm thinking that allergy won't be the first thing to jump in my head. Anyway! The vet said to give her two tablets. People, if I took two Benadryl tablets, I would be passed out for days. Literally snoring in a pool of my own drool. But Tilly? It didn't even make her sleepy. It didn't phase her at all. I think my dog might be a cyborg. A hyperactive, badly behaved, stinky, shedding cyborg.


Mary doesn't get a knife at her place setting when we have dinner. She is not yet old enough to really use one. And really, ketchup and yogurt don't exactly require a knife, right? But occasionally, the need arises for some type of vehicle for spreading butter. She, after all, cannot be expected to eat her buttery crescent rolls without extra butter can she? So the other night at dinner Mary looked down at her plate and said, "I need a knife. I need to put butter on my roll." Before I could offer the use of my knife for said buttering, she was out of her seat and saying "I'll just get a midget knife." Then she pulled a cheese knife/spreader out of the drawer. Henceforth, all spreaders will now be known in this kingdom as Midget Knives. And so it shall be.


During The Game That Shall Not Be Named, Sean was so disgusted that he said, "C'mon Colts! Just kick some of those Saints in the crotch and grab the ball and run!" Methinks that perhaps we won't be signing him up for football just yet. And perhaps a discussion (or seven) on sportsmanship might need to occur.

I have to admit, though, that when he said it, my first thought was: "Now THAT'S a plan!"


I'm sorry about this post. At the risk of tempting fate, I'm telling y'all that my life is boring and that my neighbors have been fairly well-behaved and that nothing exciting has been happening around here. Maybe I'm under the curse of the 200th post. I don't know. Hopefully I'll be able to have something of value to post here.

If you see a recipe for Creamy Chicken Noodle and Wild Rice Soup here, you'll know that things have not picked up and you can probably look for the grocery list soon.

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