Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busted: DWP (Driving While Photographing)***

I'm posting these now, because I'm not sure I'll still have these particular pictures or be able to retrieve them when we do all the stand on your head while wearing underwear and legwarmers stuff we have to do to the computer.

I took these a few weeks ago when we had freezing fog. Have you ever had freezing fog? It's one of my favorite tricks of Mother Nature's. When it clears, it leaves every branch, twig, and blade of grass (assuming all of your grass isn't covered with snow) covered with fine crystals. And when the sunlight hits it? Yowza. A couple of these pictures I actually snapped while driving. (Sorry mom. Stop hyperventilating. I don't do things like that very often. Or at least I don't tell you about it. Heh.) The rest I took while not moving. Or at least not moving in a car. That I was driving. Ahem.

***Please do not do this. I shouldn't have and I would feel really terrible if something happened to one of my dear readers. I am infantile. I know that all of you readers are infinitely smarter than I and would never drive and take pictures at the same time.

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