Saturday, May 9, 2009

You All Think You Have The Best Mom, But I *Know* I Do!

At the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on my 40th birthday trip.

You know what tomorrow is, right? Yes, yes, it's Sunday, that's true. But unless you've been on an Arctic trek or deep in the Amazon rain forest or say, under a rock, you've probably been reminded a time or two that tomorrow is Mother's Day. So I don't need to remind you again, do I? Do I? Don't make me give you the Mom Face! If you haven't already thought about how to tell your mom "thank you" well, you'd better start thinking!

I had the good fortune to see my parents last weekend. They came for the weekend to see Sean play baseball, but his game was canceled, so we busied ourselves with other things--like fixing blinds, eating, hanging pictures, eating, hitting Goodwill, eating, drinking wine, laughing and um....eating. I was able to give my mom her Mother's Day present early, so you know, I'm in the clear.

But! I've been thinking about my mom and what a strong and amazing woman she is. I tell her every day that I love her. Yes, we speak on the phone daily. (Gotta love the family plans for cell phones!) We are very close and I feel extremely fortunate to have such a great relationship with her. Still, I feel the need to thank her for a few things, so here goes:

  • Thanks for always being in my corner, mom. Thanks for convincing dad that I was old enough for high heels. Thanks for backing me up when I wanted to drive 9 hours, solo, to see my future husband. (Um, dad, your downfall was telling mom you "wouldn't let her" drive that far alone...when she said, aghast, "You wouldn't let me???" I knew I had won.) Thanks for calling that boy in high school that treated me badly that word--a word that shocked me because, a) I couldn't believe you knew it, and b) I couldn't believe you said it! But I'll always remember that you were behind me. You still are. And I know you always will be.
  • Thanks for making potato salad for me when I ask for it--and even when I don't. This may seem a small thing, y'all, but if you've never had my mother's potato salad, then you don't know just how truly awesome a gift it is!
  • You've been there to cook, clean, nurse me, and walk the 2 a.m. shift after the birth of all of my children. Your crown in heaven will be extra glittery because of this.
  • Thanks for laughing at my jokes, applauding my singing, reading my writing, and telling me that I'm a good mama. (This may be a repeat of point one, but this is my blog and I'll repeat if I want to!) You are my fiercest fan, my softest critic, and my best audience.
  • Thank you for every time you rubbed my back, stomach, legs, or forehead when I was sick. Thank you for every cool cloth, Coke from the drug store, Popsicle, and sick egg. Thanks for the baked potato and Bill's Toasty burger after I had my tonsils out at 19--the memory of how good that real food tasted (no matter that it took me hours to eat) still lingers...
  • Thank you for cleaning up every drop of vomit that I ever spewed. As a parent, I can completely appreciate the intestinal fortitude this takes. *shudder*
  • Thank you for making me go to church every Sunday; for making me attend youth group and church functions. Thank you for demonstrating what a real relationship with Christ looks like. Because of you (and Daddy, too) I know that I am a daughter of the King, redeemed by His blood, and can claim my own relationship with Jesus.
  • Thank you for starting and continuing traditions in our family. Thank you for working so hard to keep our far-flung family close.
  • Thank you for loving Daddy and staying married to him for over 50 years. I know that marriage can be hard and yours must have had ups and downs, but I am so appreciative of your wonderful and loving marriage and the example it is to your children and grandchildren.
You are the best, Mommy. I love you loads and loads. Happy Mother's Day!

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