Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The New Neighbor

Remember when I mentioned the turf war going on in my backyard? Well, the battle has been settled. Who won? Neither the sparrow nor the chickadee. They both gave up and abandoned the nest in the birdhouse. The winner of the birdhouse lottery goes to the bird that the house was actually designed for. (What? You don't plan your bird houses for specific avians?) It appears our new neighbor is a house wren. See?

He is very cute and very loud. In fact, I couldn't believe that all that tweeting was coming from such a small bird. If this bird were a person, he'd be an obnoxious teenager with all of his loud "look at me" strutting.

I heard him--from inside the house--before I saw him. Then I sat for awhile and watched him. When I passed by his turf on my way to the garden, he totally yelled at me. Or whatever the bird equivalent would be. He was not happy with me and he let me know it. I think this bird might have a Napoleon Complex. Does he not realize that I outweigh him by eleventy billion pounds?

He sits in the tree calling and chirping and tweeting and singing and yelling. After awhile, he was joined by a sweet female who came to check out the new digs. (Sounds a bit like Mary's idea of marriage, doesn't it?) Apparently she gave her approval, because the move-in began immediately.

Look at him sing!

Doesn't he look disapproving? Like he's about to shake his fist, er, wing and yell "Hey! You kids get off my lawn!!"I think that I'm happier with this outcome than I would have been if either the sparrow or the chickadee had moved in. Our little wren might have been late to the battle, but somehow he won the war.

Tomorrow, I'll have another Misadventure of a Disobedient Canine. Stay tuned!

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