Monday, August 15, 2011

What Should Have Happened/What Really Happened

What Should Have Happened: I should have had an idea for a Friday blog post, or at the very least a photo that could go up to replace the picture of my very gross, disfigured fingers so that you wouldn't have had to see it every time you stopped by over the weekend. (HAHAHAHA!! I say that like I have actual people who check back on my blog just to see if I've written something yet. Geez, I crack myself up!)

What Really Happened: Um....I had no ideas. So you got to see my very gross, disfigured fingers all weekend.

What Should Have Happened: The Sugarland concert should have gone on uninterupted with beautiful summer skies as a background.

What Really Happened: There was a terrible accident and now families and friends are suffering the loss of dear ones and others are recovering from injuries.

What Should Have Happened: We should have gone to the State Fair as a family on Sunday. My youngest two--one of whom has never been to the fair--should have been delighted by rides, grossed out by the giant swine, fascinated by enormous vegetables, awed by lumberjacks, and sickened by too much fair food along with the rest of us.

What Really Happened: We didn't go to the State Fair, because for the first time in most people's memory, it was closed on Sunday. As it should have been.

What Should Have Happened: We should have driven a couple hours to Cincinnati and gone to King's Island on Sunday.

What Really Happened: The suggestion to my beloved that we toss everyone in the car and go to King's Island was summarily shot down. Party pooper. (Every party needs one. That's why I keep him around.) So instead, he took the boys shopping for sports equipment so that they can toss it in random places throughout the house and then frantically wander around looking for it when they are due at practice in 15 minutes play football. Then they went to see a movie about talking monkeys. Or apes. Or something. All I know is James Franco was in it (James Franco!) and instead of seeing that, I took Mary to see a movie with little blue people in it. Not even a fair contest: The movie with James Franco wins--even though I didn't see it--just because he's in it. To be fair, my movie did have Neil Patrick Harris, who cracks me up. Well, usually he cracks me up. This time, I just cringed and I might have whimpered, "Oh Doogie, how far you've fallen." On the upside, Tim Gunn made a cameo appearance. Tim Gunn! He's the whole reason I watch Project Runway. His intelligent and oft-hilarious critiques of the designers' works in progress along with his "Make it work" line never fails to win me. Plus, my movie had a scene with digitized cat vomit. Just, no.

What Should Have Happened: I should have cleaned up this hell hole and done some laundry.

What Really Happened: I got sucked into Pinterest and then wound up making a recipe for double chocolate loaf with peanut butter spread that I found there. And then I made fresh salsa with the tomatoes from my garden that have been sitting on my counter for several days.

What Should Have Happened: I should have liked the salsa.

What Really Happened: I LOVED the fresh salsa and it has now ruined me for salsa from a jar forevermore. (Heh. I always wanted to use that word.)

What Should Have Happened: I should have thought of something interesting to write about.

What Really Happened: got this instead.

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