Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Invasion 2011: 36 Hours Of Crazy

My family came to my house. Ever hear the phrase "loaded sentence"? Well, saying that my family came to my house is loaded. It means a lot of things.

It means that there were lots of people.

Everyone crowded into the family room to watch the Women's World Cup. Priorities, people. Tilly had her own version of the WWC--Spitty Ball--and she was in heaven because there were so many hands to throw that spitty ball.

It means that there was lots of food.

S'mores. We have serious priorities, people.

It means that there was lots of cute.

It means there was a lot of card playing.

Serious game. I defy you to play Spit and not be rabidly competitive.

It means there was lots of crazy.

And I loved every minute of it.

It doesn't happen often enough and I miss everyone. It wasn't enough time together, but I appreciate the effort everyone made and I sure hope next time we can have more time together.

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