Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Fishy

I have a math problem for you:

1 seven year old + x amount of dollars burning a hole in the seven year old's piggy bank =?

Did you guess this?

Meet Phinneas B. Ganey, the newest member of our household. We call him Phin or Phinney for short. Mary is delighted with him. She talks to him in baby talk and leaves Wilson her stuffed dog by Phinn's bowl so that he won't be lonely when she's not around.

She's delighted, yet pragmatic. She said that she knows Phin probably won't live very long. She asked if we would flush him down the toilet when he had taken his final gasps through his gills. I told her that we very likely would. She shook her head "no."

"Mom," she said, matter-of-factly, "we should take him to the lake and dump him there, so the other fish can eat him and grow into stronger and bigger fish."

Should I be worried that she is already concerned about his demise? (I think that one of her brothers tried to prepare her by letting her in on the lifespan of fish.) Or should I be more worried that she is the youngest of my offspring and will very likely be making decisions regarding my health and care one day?

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