Sunday, May 2, 2010

Publish Or Perish

There is a button on the page where I type my blog entry that says "publish post." It feels like it has been forever since I've hit that button. It has nearly killed me not being able to write. Hence the title for this post. Because really, I'm not published anywhere else. And frankly, I cannot imagine who would want to publish this stuff. So I'd just like to say "Huzzah! Hip-hip-hooray! Yea! Yippee! Awopbopaloobopabopbamboom!" my computer is fixed! And now I get to subject you all to my ramblings again. Um, is that crickets that I'm hearing???

Oh. I should also say thanks ever so much computer dudes for making my machine work again. One shiny new motherboard and sizable check from our bank account later and I am finally able to again check my mail on something other than my phone. Finally I am able to check out all those other blogs that I read that I have missed out on for the last few weeks. Finally I am able to sit down with my glass of wine and write about the many, many adventures that I've had while I've been computer free!

Let's see...there was the Catch Up On My Laundry, But Not Really Because It Never Really Gets Caught Up Adventure. There was the Operation Reduce My Booty Size By Killing Myself Through Running Adventure. Oh, and also the Get A Temporary Crown And Then Be Unable To Chew On The Right Side Of My Mouth Adventure. Not to mention the Hey, I've Got All This Time To Finish Stuff I've Been Procrastinating About Because I No Longer Have A Computer But Instead I'll Just Read A Very Good Book (Or Four) Adventure. And let's not forget about the Baseball Four Nights A Week Adventure.

So you know. You've missed some riveting posts. Ahem.

I can tell you a few things that I've learned and experienced and discovered over the last few weeks. These are just random things and really don't provide enough meat for a real post. Well, they might for a more talented writer, but for me, they'll just be some random things. Ready? Here we go!

*It is very surreal and a little unsettling to find yourself sitting in a dentist's chair with your mouth wide open, listening to "At Last" by Etta James on your ipod while simultaneously hearing the drill in your head and smelling and tasting the burn and grit of your own tooth being ground down to be fit for a temporary crown.

*Attending a funeral for an 8 year old is hard. Watching the 8 year old's family bear such grief with grace and love and faith is an experience that has touched me deeply.

*Attending a celebration of life for that same 8 year old was life-affirming. Seeing the children in our school celebrate this child's life and really and truly rejoice with her family that she was indeed in the arms of Jesus--and really and truly and deeply believe what they were celebrating--well that was a holy experience.

*Watching my own 8 year old wear a suit and celebrate a meaningful event made me both deeply proud and sad at the same time. I have to say, though, that he was the best looking kid in the bunch. Watch out girls, he's gonna break your hearts one day.

*Digging in the dirt is therapeutic. Digging in the dirt with a five year old "helper" is folly.

*Running is hard. Running and knowing that I have to do it again is harder.

*Looking back at how much progress I've made since I started running and the distance and time that I've been able to increase over the last few weeks has made all that running worth it.

*My butt is smaller. Booya!!

There, now. Aren't you glad I'm back? (Really, you don't need to answer that. Unless, of course, you really are glad I'm back. Then you may feel free to comment all you wish.)

I promise to come back tomorrow and tell you more about nothing. Lucky! But for now, I'm going to finish my wine and take a walk with my husband. Not a bad way to end the weekend: Blogging, Booze, and a Babe-a-licious Dude.

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