Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fearing For Their Future

I have come up for air and sustenance after folding 743 loads of laundry and my distraction box (also known as the computer) was luring me. So here I am typing while trying to consume delicious, delicious pizza. Forgive me if there are typos--the grease, you know.

Things have been busy here at Chez Ganey--many baseball games and practices, end of the year programs and concerts, lots of end of year madness at work, and all the same old stuff that I'm never able to keep up with here at home: laundry, cleaning, groceries. I feel like I keep doing stuff but never get anything accomplished. In other words, same ol' same ol', right?

I just felt the need to share two things:

1. While folding laundry I had help from my oldest daughter. (Okay--pick yourself up from the floor. I know I had to. And she did it without complaining. Alrighty, pick yourself up again. I don't know what the variable was in the equation, but I hope to find it soon so that I may replicate it and get the same results.) As she was folding underwear "Ewwww!" she held up a pair of her dad's unmentionables and said, "What is this? It looks like a man diaper!" Nice. I also might have laughed. Alot. Don't tell.

2. A few weeks ago, Mary's school had their annual "Spring Fling" carnival--you know the kind where there are various games like duckpond and ring toss set up around the school? One of the games used a corn hole game and the kids had to toss the beanbags in the hole. Mary sank every bag. She was quite proud of herself. In fact, she told me that she really, really wants a corn hole game for her birthday. It'll go great with the beer cozy I'll be getting for her.

I fear for my children's future. I really do.

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