Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Just Yet

We are still waiting to hear from the nerds, geeks, dudeswhoaretakingforbloodyever amazingly intelligent and handsome and virile (wth? like I would know!) gentlemen who are working on my computer. They say it could just be the motherboard, in which case they will install a new one and give me back my computer while putting a dent in my checkbook. Or, they say it could be the hard drive, in which case I will beg with them (via my amazingly intelligent, handsome and virile [yeah, baby! I do know this one] husband) to save some of my important stuff, let them dent my checkbook, and then further dent my checkbook by purchasing a new machine. Or, they will say that my computer and my sewing machine have been having late-night, back-room meetings wherein they are planning a coup and that perhaps it would be in my best interest to go "off the grid," take on a new identity and start over.

Frankly, I am hoping for one of the first two, because while they would seriously deplete my bank account, they just seem like a lot less work. And right now I am too tired for anything that even remotely resembles work.

I have things to tell you and stories to share, but I don't have the computer time to do it right now. But when I have my computer back, I plan on sitting down with a big vat, barrel, bottle, goblet glass of wine and letting it all out.

Watch out y'all. You have been warned. (You should have at least until next week to get prepared and take on provisions, as the computer dudes will have my machine until the end of this week. Bummer.)

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