Thursday, May 6, 2010

Move Over Wordsworth

Sean brought home his Young Author book from school yesterday. The front cover illustration is a big plume of smoke. The back cover illustration is a fire. His book is entitled "Sean's Super Smokin' Poems." Now, I don't read lots of poetry, although I find myself more drawn to it now than I ever have been in the past. Consequently, in my collection of books, I only have about three that are volumes of poetry. But I have to say, if I ran across a book of poetry with a title like "Sean's Super Smokin' Poems," I believe I'd pony up some caysh for that. Lucky for me, this one is free.

And I just don't believe that I can keep some of these poems to myself. I have to share the genius, starting with his Name Poem:

Sunburns easily
Everyday I am mad
Always sarcastic
Name caller to my brother

My boy is only 8, but from what I read in that poem, the little dude is more in touch with who he is than many adults I know.

And then there's his cinquain, which is all about his big brother:

awesome funny
playing caring running
He's really really awesome

Hmph. The only poems I get written about me start with "Roses are red, violets are blue." And they are usually authored by my husband.

He also wrote a sense poem, in which he had to describe something using his five senses:

I see roller coasters
I smell sweaty kids
I hear screaming
I feel still not happy
I taste a sandwich
I think it is awesome
Disney World

I think he summed up our Disney trip perfectly--right down to the smell of sweaty kids. I also think that it's awesome that of the 7 poems, he used the word "awesome" in three of them. In fact, in the cinquain he used it twice. He also threw in a couple of "really, really"s. But the part of the book that I think is really, really awesome? His About the Author page:

Sean G.
He's really really cool.
He lives in _______, Indiana.
He often suffers from writer's block.

Well. That apple didn't fall far from the tree, now, did it? Because dude, I am, like, totally really, really cool. I, too, live in _________, Indiana. And like the boy, I also suffer often from writer's block. But I don't do really, really awesome illustrations like Sean does. He's got me beat.

I believe that this is one book of poetry that will find a place on my bookshelf. In fact, it might just become the most read volume of poetry in our home. Smokin'!

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