Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Please? I mean really, won't you be my neighbor? Pretty please? I make great cookies and I'll share!

*Le Sigh* It has come to this. I am asking complete strangers on the innernets to please come live by me. Kinda seems like a random roll of the dice would give me a better shot at finding people who might like me and my family and MY DOG. Again I say: *Le sigh*

I don't think that some of my neighbors have enough to do. Because they seem to have an AWFUL lot of time to keep track of how I'm raising my family, how I'm maintaining my home, and just exactly what I'm doing or not doing to keep my dog under control. And they are quite happy to share their views with me. Lucky me!

I am so done listening! If I hear anymore, I am going to give them the name and number of homeless shelters and let them know that I'm sure their help could be used there, but as for me and my house, we're just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I don't think any of my neighbors even know about my blog, much less read it. But! If you are my neighbor and you should stumble upon my blog, please know that I am happy to be in this neighborhood. I will be pleasant and polite to you even if you aren't to me, because my mother raised me that way. You should also know that I will parent my family, maintain my home, and manage my dog the way I see fit. Chances are pretty good that it is not the way that you parent your family, maintain your home or manage your dog--and that is okay! Vive le difference! Live and let live! It takes all kinds! And other trite, but often true adages! I won't comment on how you do things. Won't you grant me the same courtesy?

And if you aren't my neighbor and you read my blog and I haven't scared you away, wanna move in next door? I promise to be nice, randomly give you plates of baked goods, and always say "hello."

Also? If you are moving into our neighborhood, my family will make your family look AWESOME by comparison...

Okay. Rant over. We will now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

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