Friday, September 25, 2009

Photo Friday: Apple Time

Mary's class had a field trip to the apple orchard yesterday. Despite the drizzle and humidity, making the day feel more like a steamy summer day rather than the crisp autumn day we were hoping for, we had a great trip.

Apples were picked.

The students learned about how bees are necessary to an orchard, then they went into the refrigerator (basically a refrigerated barn) to see how the apples and cider are stored. Mary didn't care for the strong and sweet apple smell, but I was ready to borrow a jacket and camp out for awhile.

Then it was off to see how cider is produced. It was loud. Can you tell? This pose that she's holding? That's how she spends all of July 4th.

After sampling some cider, the kids hit the playground. They ventured through a hay bale maze, ran through a tunnel of morning glories, climbed on a play tractor, clambered on playground equipment, went through corn stalk tunnels and climbed up bales of hay. One of them sat on the hay bale hill and pronounced themselves queen and then sang their own little made up song.

It was a very good day. And I got to visit the orchard store and buy some apples and apple products. That little visit will make for even more very good days as I am picturing warm, juicy, apple-y things in our future.

I love fall!

**For the record, that last picture is a storage crate of nearly 2,000 apples--NOT the purchase I made at the apple store. I love apples, but that many might be extreme, even for me.

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