Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Didja miss me? I sure missed writing. It was, however, a fairly productive week and probably this is something that I'll have to do from time to time.

In the last week I was able to decrapify my house. Okay--not completely. Son #2 is still working on getting the last of his things cleaned up and my teenage daughter's idea of tidy doesn't exactly mesh with mine, so we're at about 80% decrapification. And I'm okay with that, considering we were living in the Pit of Despair before I took some time away from non-essential activities to focus.

Now, at least, I have my kids' school binder organized and can find papers and passwords and important information without having to page through stacks and reams of paper. Now, at leas,t I can walk into the family room without tripping over shoes, toys, blankets, and squishing furry dog hair tumbleweeds.

Now, at least, I have my new dry erase calendar put together and labeled. Now, at least, I have the next month's menus figured out. Now, at least, the bathrooms aren't breeding grounds for the next strain of Ebola virus.

My dining room table is still needing to be cleaned up. It is covered with materials for some of my craft projects. The mudroom still needs to be organized. My bedroom still needs some attention from the Cleaning Fairy. (Does she even exist? I've heard about her, but she's never visited my house. Maybe if I believe harder... I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!) My laundry, while never "done," (whatever that means!) is still waiting for me to finish folding it. But, at least it's clean and the children don't have to go to school with their dirty shirts turned inside out. Not that I've ever considered that. *ahem.*

So, yes, there is still plenty to do around here, but I feel like I have a better handle on it. It was strange, though, to realize how hard it was for me not to write. This has become one of my better habits. I mean, I still don't know what you all on your ends get out of coming here, sweet readers, but I know what I get out of having this place. I have realized, in my absence, that this blog is a very good thing for me, health-wise. I am able to release pent up stress--even if I'm not writing about what has me stressed. Just having a place to be creative helps. I was also surprised that I was a little bit grumpy that I couldn't write. Well, not that I couldn't, but that I placed a self-imposed restriction on myself. I didn't realize that blogging had become such an outlet for me. I have heard of people who get grumpy when they don't exercise. And suddenly the light bulb went off!! Aha! Those people aren't as crazy as I had once thought! (Okay, they probably still are certifiable. I mean, grumpy if you don't exercise?? That is complete backwards thinking to me. I get grumpy when I do exercise. Which probably explains why my butt is now the size of a small island...) I was probably a little more obsessive about it and spent a little more time on it than I should have, so I'll be making sure that I moderate myself better now that I'm back. Everything in moderation, right?

I am a happy girl, clacking away at the keyboard. I hope you will continue to visit and comment when you do, because those comments help to fuel my writing. And stay tuned, because guess what's coming? Another post about the dog. Y'all are so lucky...

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