Monday, August 31, 2009


Scene: My two daughters are playfully wrestling in the living room. Daughter the younger places her hands and feet all over daughter the elder.

Daughter the elder: Ouch! You're smooshing my boobs!

Daughter the younger: What are boobs?

Me (laughing): Just say chest. You are smooshing her chest.

The voice of my eldest son carries in from the other room: I can hear you! Oh how I wish I were in an isolation booth right now...

Daughter the elder and myself: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Daughter the younger: What's so funny?


Scene: 18 four year olds are in a semi-circle singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." The teacher then launches into another body part song.

Teacher: Elbows and calves, baby 1,2,3. Elbows and calves, baby 1,2,3. Elbows and calves, elbows and calves, elbows and calves baby, 1,2,3.

One of the four year olds near me is singing enthusiastically but in all seriousness: Elbows and COWS baby 1,2,3.

Me: BWAHAHAHA! *snort! snort!*


Sometimes I just love my life.

How about you? Heard anything lately that made you laugh? Do tell--that's what the comments are for, right?

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