Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekendy Things: Part I

I'm baaaaaaack! See? I told you. I am nothing if not true to my word. Except. I'm not telling you everything about my weekend. Remember how I piqued your interest with the whole Jordan River water thing? Well, I decided that since this will be a picture heavy post and the thing with the Jordan River in no way correlates to the pictures I'm about to show, that I would divide my weekend into two separate posts, thereby giving you two distinct snapshots of my weekend and giving me something to post about tomorrow. Since we've already decided that dog hair tumbleweeds are not blogworthy...

Aaaanyway, most of my weekend was spent shuttling sweaty boys to ball fields and then filling their empty stomachs with massive amounts of food because they were starving because they played so hard and I never feed them. Ahem.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of Sean's baseball game. He had a double-header--as he will through out the fall ball season (there go my Saturdays!)--and as I was trying to make my way to his first game, I was also trying to kill a migraine. So I forgot my camera. And then the migraine tried to kill me, so I went home and and crashed in bed for the afternoon. So! Pictures of the slugger after next weekend, perhaps.

I do have pictures of James, however, as his game was on Sunday. And by Sunday I was back to myself again and remembered to bring the camera. This was the first game of the season and he was revved up and raring to go. He is playing center this year and was extremely excited to have his first game and "hit somebody."

So here you have it--the Royals (our team) versus the Eagles.

They had a kid on their team who was a triple striper. Stripes are based on weight. If you have a stripe, you are not allowed to carry the ball. Guess who was lined up against my 93 pound son?

Just to give you a visual comparison between the big boy and another of his teammates.

He was literally head and shoulders above the rest of his team. I think that possibly he was already shaving.

But my son? He took. him. down!

The boys won by a nice margin, 19-6 and just to show that they are still boys, some of them skipped off the field when the game was over. Cracked me up.

The other kids came with me. (Patrick came early when James had to be there and stood on the sidelines while we sat in the bleachers.) Maggie gave a running commentary on the people that walked by or were in the stands with us, while Mary and Sean discovered a whole 'nother world under the bleachers.

I wish every game we go to would have bleachers. It's free entertainment for my younger set, making for a fairly distraction-free game.

Except for when they would sneak under me and tickle my legs and freak me the heck out.

Oh well. It's worth a case of the noseeum heebie-jeebies to be able to watch the game.

Next weekend, we'll have another double header on Saturday for Sean and another game on Sunday for James. Not sure when I'll get my laundry done. We may have to go naked.

Now that would make for an interesting game!

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