Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Thursday: I Really Do Love Her

I know that I often post my frustrations about the antics of my dumb dog. Believe me, though, I use the term "dumb dog" with utmost affection. Tilly is a great dog. She is silly and playful and loving--even if I'm afraid of someday fainting and having her gnaw my hands off while I'm passed out. Yes, she has her faults, but don't we all? And she's never once in her half year with us complained about any of my faults, while I've flaunted hers all over the Internet. If dogs had opposable thumbs and the brain capacity, believe you me, Tilly would certainly be able to tell you a thing or seventy about me! Let's just all be thankful that she can't, mmmkay?

After airing her crazy episode on Tuesday, I decided that I owed her one. So today's post is dedicated to Tilly.

She loves nothing more than chasing a ball. Seriously. She would do it until it killed me. She would chase it until it killed her! And if she did happen to die while chasing a ball, she would die HAPPY. And truly, throwing the ball and watching her run after it over and over and over again, completely joyfully, makes me happy. If I'm tired, I can pretty much guarantee that throwing a ball for her will wake me up. If I'm grumpy, watching Tilly chase down a ball will cheer me up.
If I just don't want to think about things that are troubling me, Tilly's enthusiasm and joy while leaping to catch an errant ball is certain to make me think of only that.

I may grump and grouse when she barfs in my car or pees on my floor or runs away, but my life--my family--would be so much less, um...interesting without her in it.

I love you, Silly Tilly!

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. Now go fetch yourself some lovin'.

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