Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Crafty: Washer Necklaces

Recently I mentioned how I have returned to work part time. Well, I've been working for the last ten years, just not for pay in real money. Since I've been back at work, my time for trolling Goodwill and undertaking projects has been dramatically reduced. Not that I don't have a thing or seven lurking in my basement waiting for inspiration to hit and football and fall baseball season to end so that I am able to string together more than 8 minutes of down time each day in which to work on projects.

Don't think I've been slacking on projects, though! I have been making the most of my eight minutes of down time a day, y'all. I was inspired a few weeks ago to make necklaces. You see, I found this lovely project at Organize and Decorate Everything. You use washers--just regular old washers that you have in your tool box (or, if you are like me and don't have a tool box, in your husbands tool box) or that you can find at any hardware store for cheap. We're talking under 20 cents a piece, cheap! And you use scrapbook paper. Shoot--if you wanted to you could use pages from a book or sheet music. Then to finish the project you need Mod Podge, a glossy glaze, beads, and hemp.

What do you think?

I am in love. They are so easy to make, I can whip out a ton of them at a time, and they are cheap inexpensive. Let's see...check, check, check...this little necklace meets my criteria for a great project.

It's been fun to go through my work wardrobe and find papers and beads and buttons to match. I have been wearing the heck out of my new necklaces. I made a few in the smaller size for Maggie and she loves them too.

These would make a great gift if you know the intended receiver's style and color preferences. I have now made more of these than I can possibly wear. But I can't. stop. making them! I've mentioned that I don't often generate ideas for creative projects, but I sure can copy other people's ideas. I've seen these being sold on etsy as well, so there you go! You don't have to buy them from someone else, you can make your own!

Let me know if you want the particulars to make these, because as I said, they are extremely easy to make. Or really--I could just give you one...or three...of mine...

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