Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Say What?

Things that I have heard in my world this week that made me laugh.

"I have lots of muscles. I have muscles in my legs. I have muscles in my arms. And (pointing to his head) I have a BIG muscle here!"


"When our dog sits down, sometimes we can see his weewee." (This was not said by my children. Our dog is a she.)


Him: Wash your hands after you use the bathroom.
Her: I don't want to. I want to go play.
Him: But if you don't wash, you might have little bits of poo on your hands. And then when you touch your friends they get poo on their hands and when they touch people, then those people get poo on them and before you know it, your poo has gone around the world!! So wash your hands.


Words that I never thought I would string together in a sentence, that not only have been put together, but uttered out loud this week:

"You cannot put your fingers in someone else's sugar."

"Oh no! We don't eat the play dough."

"Seriously. Don't eat the play dough, honey."

"Stop. Eating. The play dough!"

"You may not cover someone's mouth with your hands just because you don't like what they are saying."

"I'm sorry you don't find me hilarious."


"I don't care about fairness or justice."

"Did a skunk crawl up in that dog's butt and DIE???"


How about you? Heard anything that cracked you up? Said anything lately that you couldn't believe you were actually saying out loud? Share!!

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