Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging The Unblogable

If you have spent any time in the blogosphere, you know that one of the cardinal rules of authoring a personal blog is that you don't blog about work. Well, as a "mommy blogger," that's about the only thing I blog about. But what is my family going to do? Fire me? There are days when I think that might be a fantastic option...

Recently, I re-entered the work force. Before children, I was a teacher. I taught elementary special needs students and it was a job that I liked. Well, for the most part. There were parts of the job that weren't so great, but really, it was a good way to earn a paycheck. And, if I'm allowed to toot my own horn--and I am, because this is my blog and I'll toot if I want to--I was a pretty good teacher. I worked for about 8 years before having my second child and relocation caused me to rethink my priorities. So I have spent the last 10 years being a teacher within my own home. That's what we are as parents, right?

But this year when my last child started attending school five days a week for a good part of the day, I decided that staying home full time with no one to be home with didn't make much sense. I decided that working part time would be a good option. I am lucky enough to be working three days a week at the same school Mary is attending. It's a fabulous place. All of my children have gone there and over the last ten years or so, I have watched the school change and grow while still maintaining a loving and creative learning environment.

I am an assistant teacher and this is absolutely fine by me. It allows me to enjoy the children without the headaches that being a lead teacher can sometimes involve. I am a superb Indian, I have no need at this time to be the Chief. Plus, working three days a week allows me to have two days free to haunt Goodwill and find cute shoes clean the house, do laundry and make Martha Stewart look slatternly. I'm not being paid a king's ransom, but that's okay too. I bring in enough to support my Goodwill and shoe habit put into savings or buy the kids or myself some extras, and that's a good thing.

I tell you all of this to let you know two things: sometimes, I might fall behind in posting. I am doing my best to still post 5 days a week, because I really do enjoy writing and this is my place to decompress, but occasionally, as I work out this back to work thing, I might not meet that mark. Also, I may share something about work, and I don't want you sitting there scratching your head and staring at the screen wondering what you had missed, because I have always said I am a stay at home mom and now suddenly I'm talking about work and it doesn't involve the offspring that have previously had me in their employ. (Yeah, nice sentence. I'm too lazy to go back and fix it. Deal.)

So there you go. And now, I'll bet you are thinking the reason this is so late in posting is because I worked today and couldn't get the post up. WRONG!! The reason this is late is because my Internet service provider stinks and must be run by Lucifer's minions. I am telling you I lose service at least twice a day and it is driving me bonkers. (I know. That's not a drive, it's a short putt. Shut up.) It's a good thing I'm not trying to do paid work or I'd be out money. I'm thinking of charging Lucifer and Co. for each outage. What do you think my chances would be of collecting?

Uh-huh. A snowball's chance in hell...

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