Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When you turned five, you had never ridden a bike. Now you are talking about taking off the training wheels from your bike and learning how to ride without them.

When you turned five, you wouldn't dream of putting your head under water in the swimming pool. Now, not only do you put your head under, you float on your tummy and kick your feet. You dive under for pool toys. You don't mind getting water on your face.

When you turned five, you couldn't read. Now you read and read and read some more and--big shocker here, given your dramatic tendencies--you read with great expression.

When you turned five, you wouldn't dream of eating meat of any kind. Now you will deign to eat a chicken nugget or two--but not from a restaurant. Oh no! You will only condescend to eat the "kind from our freezer." (Honestly I'm not sure chicken nuggets actually qualify as meat, but it's a giant leap forward, so I'm not quibbling over details.)

When you turned five, you couldn't climb a tree. Now you are hanging from limbs like a chattering monkey.

When you turned five, you wanted a bicycle and garden tools. Now you have asked for a bean bag toss game (known around these parts as "corn hole"--an unfortunate name for a game, I think) and dress up shoes. This entertains me greatly. I'm considering getting you a beer koozie (sans the beer of course) for Christmas, because the idea of you playing corn hole while wearing princess shoes and sipping a drink from a koozie entertains me even more.

When you turned five, you wanted me to read bedtime stories with you and then waited for a "tickle time" at the end. Now, often as not, you are reading to me. But you still request "tickle time" and have added a zerbert or two as well.
When you turned five, you wanted me with you, near you, all the time. Now you are spreading your wings and testing your independence. You have discovered that you are your own person and are not afraid (HA! HUGE understatement) to make your needs and desires known. You have a little circle of friends that you enjoy and you talk of them often, counting the days until you'll see them again at school.

When you turned five, you liked to sit on my lap and snuggle your head under my chin. Your little body fit tightly to mine. Now, you still sit on my lap and snuggle your head under my chin, but you suddenly seem to be more knees and elbows. I still enjoy it immensely, even after the odd elbow to the ribs.

When you turned five, like each year before, you inhabited a place in my heart that is Mary-shaped. Now, at six, you are still there. No matter how big you grow, no matter what skills you acquire, no matter how near or far you live, you will always hold that spot. And you will fit that spot just right. No matter what.
Happy 6th birthday, Mary Rose! I love you. You are my favorite Mary.

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