Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Blah Blah Blahs

When Mary was two or three years old and she couldn't find a way to amuse herself, instead of saying "I'm bored," she would say "I'm boring." That expresses my feelings right now exactly. I have nothing to report. I have nothing to write about. There is no drama in my life; great for day to day living, but not so great for blog writing. If I were a government administration, I'd be the Carter administration--just barely functioning amidst feelings of general malaise and ennui.

My kids are all healthy. A blessing, to be sure, but it leaves me no tales to tell of long doctor's office waits or six degrees of separation stories. Our vacation is over and I made you all sit through the bloggy equivalent of watching your Great Aunt Tessie's slides in the family rumpus room--and miraculously you came back and want to keep reading stuff I put on here! I am not making anything or crafting anything. I can't seem to even get up the gumption to cruise by Goodwill. I can't even find the interest in surfing Craigslist for overpriced crappy furniture--and that requires nothing more than sitting on my ever-expanding butt and moving my finger on the mouse! Usually I can at least do this and comment on how many people are on crack with the prices they are asking for furniture that looks like what you sat on in the family rumpus room when you watched your Great Aunt Tessie's slides. Usually this brings me out of a funk. What? You don't look at the online equivalent of the classified ads--but with much funnier misspellings--to feel better? Huh. Oh well. I never claimed to be normal.

My point is, there this log and I am a bump on that log.

And these people I live with? They keep expecting me to do things like feed them when I just did it, like, yesterday! And they keep wanting clean clothes. Gawd, they're sooo needy! And some of them even tell me they're bored. Barkin' up the wrong tree, there, kid.

So it is with my apologies that I have nothing of interest to fill up this space. And it seems that I can't summon the interest to find something of interest. And yet here I sit rambling on. Blah, blah, blah. Sigh.

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