Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How In The World Do I Do These Things?

Okay. Somehow I broke my blog again. Does it seem to you like perhaps the machines of the world are conspiring against me?

Yes. Possibly "of the world" is too broad a term. But the machines in my home--particularly machines of the personal computer type--seem to be staging some sort of uprising. If they start talking to me in unruffled voices and call me "Dave" or speak with an Austrian accent and say things like "I'll be back," I'll let you know.

I have no idea just how I managed to strike through not only the one word from my last post ("crap"), but all the words following that word in that post! That's not how it's supposed to work. For those of you who have no idea how writing a blog works, I'll give you a brief lesson.

When you write a post, you write it on a separate page than what you see when it is actually published. The page that I'm looking at when I write the post actually looks more like a what you see when you are typing a word document. There's a place to change the font and the font size. There's an icon for spell check. And there are various other buttons and icons that allow me to do different things. It's very simple. But sometimes, if you want to do something in the body of your post, like, oh let's say strike through a word, you have to do it in HTML code. Now, I know about four things in HTML, and of those, I had to ask my brother (Supa Jeenious Bro) how to do approximately, um, all of them. Striking through a word or phrase is very simple. You just type the code before the word you want struck through. And when you want the striking through to stop, you type a slightly different code. So, easy, right?

Yeah. Um. Hmmm...

I did all those things and my blog still looks like a toddler got hold of a marker and went to town. Or that my evil twin Crazy Editor Girl found absolutely nothing worth keeping other than the first few words. And what's weirder still, is that it struck through all the rest of the posts and all the stuff on my sidebar (like my blogroll, my feedjit, my about me paragraph, and well, you get the picture) as well. That shouldn't happen. I know very little about this here computer stuff, but I know that that shouldn't have happened. What happens in the posting box is supposed to stay in the posting box.

If I hadn't been up half the night with a migraine and a 5 year old crying because of an ear infection, I might be a little more worried about it. As it is, I just want to grab my pillow and drool on it awhile.

We'll see how this posts. If everything is crossed through, I may have to make a batch of the World's Deadliest (In A Good Way) Chocolate Chip Cookies and send them to Supa Jeenious Bro as payment for yet again fixing my broken blog.

Cross your fingers, I'm about to hit "publish."

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