Monday, December 7, 2009

They'll Fight Over These

So yesterday's post had me lamenting all things home improvement. But it also had me mention Oreo balls. Twice. If you've never heard of these little morsels, I am about to become your best friend. After this post, you will name your children after me. Your children's children will speak of me in hushed, reverent tones. Why? Because I am going to share.

Not physically. I will not be sending you Oreo balls. But! I will show you how I make them and then you can make them too. See how I am affected by this Christmas stuff? I am sharing. And being nice. The cockles of my Grinchy heart are all warm. Or something.

Anyway! On to the good stuff!

First you will need a package of these

and an 8 oz. brick of this stuff.

I know that it sounds kind of weird, but trust me. They go together like peanut butter and chocolate, salt and pepper, cheese and crackers, Oreos and milk, cream cheese and um....anything.

Put the cookies in a blender or food processor and then pulverize them. I usually apologize to the Oreos and I tell them that I love them and that what I'm doing hurts me more than it hurts them and that they might feel "crumby" now, but that the end result will be genius. Yes. I talk to my cookies. What? Stop looking at me like that.

Then add in the lovely, lovely cream cheese and pulse everything together until you have, um a black gooey dough-like substance that you cannot possibly imagine eating. Oh, but you will, my sweetlings. You will. And you will love it!

Next, you will form little dough-like substance balls. Don't make them more than an inch around.(These look frosty, but they are not. This is just the result of a dark kitchen and a hyperactive camera flash.) After you've made a trayful (yes, it makes a lot) put the tray in the refrigerator for awhile so those yummy things can cool down and set up a bit. Because next? Next you will be giving those delicious things a bath. In white chocolate. Mmmmm....If someone gave me a bath in white chocolate I wouldn't know whether to be grossed out or resort to self-cannibalism.

Okay. So. Hello, chilled dough-like balls. Howdy, melted white chocolate.It's time to be formally introduced. Give those Oreo balls a good dunking, let the chocolate drip off a bit and then set them aside to set up.

And the end result?

Mmmmmm......Something that you will have to hide from your family and yourself or they will be eaten before you can say "Wow, that was easy!" These little babies freeze very well. I have a Ziploc bag or two in my freezer awaiting my holiday parties.

Assuming that I'm not too stressed out by home improvement projects that I eat them all.

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