Tuesday, December 29, 2009

See? I Told You So!

I may have mentioned that my dog is not a MENSA candidate. Well, if MENSA accepted animals. Even my tags for posts about Tilly say "Dumb dog." So she's not that bright, is all I'm saying. Not like I'm a Soopa Jeeeneus or anything, (MENSA hasn't exactly been beating down my door either) but I'd like to think that while I'm sometimes distracted by shiny things, at least I'm not chasing them around the room.

I give you proof of Tilly's um, limited mental abilities:

She's not so bright, but she is wildly entertaining, incredibly loving and sweet, and is a willing participant in the movies I'm making with my new Christmas present--which is more than I can say for my offspring. Ahem.

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