Thursday, December 3, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It is our tradition each Thanksgiving, to have a family football game. We are just like the Kennedys, y'all. Except without the trust funds, scandals, and East coast accents. So by "just like" I mean "completely different from except we play football together."

We started our annual football game several years ago when the grandchildren were numerous enough to form teams and old enough to understand how to play. My kids (especially James) look forward to it every year. Almost everyone plays. I haven't for the last few because I am the self-proclaimed Official Photographer. My dad usually is the referee. And Mary hasn't played yet because she is NOT INTERESTED DO NOT ASK HER AGAIN!! My sister-in-law sat out this year because she is pregnant with my yet-to-be-named niece or nephew. But everyone else played--my mother included. She is fun and a good sport. And my husband declared that she could be tackled because she was a grown up and could take care of herself. (I promise, he really does like her.)

The game started with a few warm-ups like Cousin Twirling

and footraces.

Then everyone lined up oldest to youngest to count off for teams.

Then huddled up with their respective teammates. The Turkeys....

...and the Stuffing.

Hey look! Guy Fieri showed up to keep Mary company! Wow, he looks really different in real life.

There were many passes

that didn't connect.

The running game was better.

Especially with trick plays like the old Stuff The Ball In Your Shirt play.

My mom ran the ball a few yards. She ran with her arm out in front of her. She looked exactly like the Heisman Trophy come to life.

There was lots of CHEEZE on that field. See? That's me and my niece/Goddaughter. Let me tell you, we are sooooooo very related.

Yes, plenty of cheez.

Ham too!

James scored.

Sean scored.

Mike was sad. Schemes were hatched. See all those outstretched hands? They missed him by this much!

Mike scored!!

In the end, the game was called due to fatigue and hunger. The score was tied. The Turkeys and Stuffing declared a rematch for next year. I don't know what the result of next year's game will be, but I do know that like this year, it will be filled with lots of laughter--and turkeys. There'll be plenty of those there too.

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