Friday, December 4, 2009

Photo Friday: Reflections

This is such a busy time of year. I tend to have high expectations for myself and what I want my holidays to be like for my family. I can get easily distracted by choosing the right gift, adding the right decorations, selecting the tastiest recipes. I can be run ragged by all of the parties and concerts and get-togethers. I admit that sometimes I have been so distracted that I push the purpose of this season to the rear with a blithe "I'll think about it tomorrow" and move on to the next detail on my list.

This year, I am trying hard to keep the focus on the Reason for this season. I am still taking in the sparkle and flash around me, but I'm aiming to keep the worldly dazzle in my peripheral vision. I want all of that glow to shine brightly on The One who came near. This year I am trying to take time for reflection on God's perfect plan and how 2000 years ago He was thinking of me when a Savior was born in Bethlehem. And I pray that when people see me, they see the reflection of that Savior.

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