Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Misadventure of Tilly:The Picture Post Edition

In lieu of Love Thursday (we're short on the love around here this week, but we've got plenty of the crazy. There's always the crazy...) I am going to show you what happens when you leave things on the floor at our house.

See? Poor Barbie was an unwilling victim of dog-gnawing. (Is there ever a willing victim? And if there is, at what point does the gnaw turn into a nibble and from a nibble to a bite and at which point do you become unwilling? Things that make you go "hmmm...") Barbie is now a double-amputee.

She hasn't lost her winning smile though. Or her sparkling personality. You can almost hear her saying "Come on over and sit by me Ken" while she pats the couch. Oh. Right. I guess she's probably not patting the couch. Or holding Ken's hand or clapping for Skipper. There goes her career as a doctor/veterinarian/librarian/teacher/astronaut/CEO/equestrian champion. Bummer. I wonder if she'll go on disability...

Do you think Lawyer Barbie will sue my dog? I'd be worried, but you know, it's Lawyer Barbie, not Gloria Allred.

The dumb dog didn't contain her gnawing to one area either. After Tilly finished off the tasty, tasty Barbie hands, she moved on to the legs.

I totally felt like a CSI while I was photographing this. I was all "Excuse me miss. Could you hold still? Grissom and Horatio tell me that I need good photos for evidence." I wonder if there is a market for Toy Crime Scene Investigators? I may have found my calling.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Do not fall asleep on the floor while the dog is around! You may wake up missing a few important parts.

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