Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Crafty:Before and After--Folding Shelves

A couple of weeks ago when I was trolling Goodwill, I came upon this shelf. It wasn't my style in the finish I found it in, but I kinda liked it. I walked around some more, debating in my head if I had a place to put it and what exactly I'd do with it. Then I went back and looked more closely at it and decided that it would work in my youngest daughter's room.

A couple of summers ago, I painted a little table to go in her new "big girl" room and thought that I could make this shelf a matching piece. Here is the table.

We have since moved from our old house and this room is a temporary room for Mary. We have a loft that we're going to wall in and that will become Mary's room, making the room she now uses as a bedroom, my eldest son's room. (Didja get all that? Confused? Welcome to my general daily state of mind...Ahhh, brain sprain!) My two boys are sharing a room right now and that has worked for several years, but since both of them refuse to quit growing, space in their room is getting a little tight. We haven't painted this room (Mary's current room/James' future room) because it didn't make sense to paint it twice, once in Mary's color and then again for James. So Mary's black/white/pink/green color scheme looks a little strange against the tan walls, but whatever. We'll get there, right?

So I got out my trusty primer and changed the shelf to this:

And then with white spray paint and some acrylic paint it became this.

**Note--the pink is not as Day-Glo in real life as it looks in these pictures. Pinkie swear.

I am, however, a little on the fence about something. Well, a couple of things, actually. Give me your opinions--are there too many dots? Not enough dots? Should I put something in the middle of each shelf, like a monogram or flower or swirl to match her bedding? Here is Mary's bedding: Should I leave well enough alone and move on to the next project? Oh wise Internet people, what do you think? Help a girl out, mmmkay? Thanks!

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