Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Have Those No More Holiday, Family's Gone, Low Down, No Good Blues

If my life had a soundtrack it would be playing the blues right now. Seriously. It would be all thrumming bass and harmonica and sad lyrics. It's not that my life is so bad, I'm just a little low.

After all the preparation and excitement leading up to last weekend. And then the excitement and busyness of the actual weekend with its numerous activities and frequent meals and all, well, now it's just awfully quiet around here.

My Chicago brother and his family left on Sunday afternoon. My parents left Monday. My Texas brother and his family left yesterday. My house is too quiet. My dog is exhausted and has taken to her bed. My children are grumpy and out of sorts. I don't feel like doing much of anything. The wind is out of my sails.

I suppose this is normal. (Probably the first time I can claim that I'm normal. Yippee for me!) I guess it's only natural to feel down after such a big build up. But I don't like it. And yet. I am not motivated to change it either. Kinda feels good to wallow a little. Poor, poor Sara....

It's just that I know that it will be awhile before we'll all be together again. It's been a year since we all last saw each other. And pardon my French, but that's just too damn long. Then because we are all so busy--or rather our growing children are--when we do have the opportunity to get together, it's generally only for a couple of days. Seems like the cousins just start to get reacquainted and then everyone has to leave again.

Waaahhh. Poor me.

Alright! Enough. I am going to look through photos from the weekend again. Then I am going to find a project to work on. Then, I might actually you know, do the project. But I'm done wallowing. We were lucky to have the time we did and it was fantastic! And as a bonus, there was no vomiting--we had a streak going for awhile wherein every family get-together was marred by puking. You can imagine the state this left me in, seeing as I don't deal with the barfing very well. We ate, we played, we laughed, and we had a fabulous time. Next time will be even better.

But before I begin with all the positivity, I'll just be taking this carton of Ritter's custard over to the couch and curl up in a ball while I listen to Muddy Waters. Waaaaaaa......

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