Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain Dance

It has been raining. The boys are bored. I am mean and will not let them watch endless hours of television, or play endless hours of video games. They asked if they could go outside and play in the rain. There was no thunder or lightning. It was warm and humid. They were making me cuckoo. Why not?

They joined several of the neighborhood boys, riding their bikes and splashing in the puddles. I decided to document that I am not the World's Meanest Mom by taking my camera out and capturing the moment so that I might throw it back in their faces remind them later that I let them have fun. Once.

They had a ball splashing in the puddles.

They splashed each other.

There was payback for splashing in the eyes.

There was much singing and dancing and imitating Gene Kelly.

Sean became suddenly camera shy when he realized that you could see his underwear through his wet shorts. Proving yet again, that I am not the World's Meanest Mom, I have pixellated Seannie-boy's pictures so that no underwear can be seen. Because while the boy revels in potty humor, there is nothing more embarrassing to a 7 year old than underwear.

Even Tilly came out to play. Dainty flower that she is, she wasted no time shaking off the water from her fur, immediately drenching my legs. Dumb dog.

After coming inside, the boys dried off, put their wet things in the laundry room sink and got cozy in their pajamas and blankets. They were laughing and joking about the fun they had had. It made me glad that I loosened up and let them do it.

Note to self: loosen up more often. It's a good thing. And it'll probably take me completely out of the running for being the World's Meanest Mom.

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