Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love Thursday: Love Notes

I found this on my washer on Tuesday. It was from my eldest. She placed it there because she "knew for sure that I'd see it." (Perhaps she does appreciate how much time I spend on the laundry, after all.) It was a very sweet note, full of encouragement and love. The kind of note that a mother saves forever because of the encouragement it brings. The kind she goes back to when she feels like she's failed her children yet again, to be reminded that they don't think she's a failure. The type of note she goes back to when she feels alone in the parenting world to remember that she's not. She goes back to the note when she wants to remember the warm arms around her telling her she's the best mom in the world. In short, she keeps it to remember how short her time with these precious children really is and that even though sometimes she doesn't feel like it, she truly is having an impact upon their lives.

When I went in to wake my youngest son that morning, this was on his bed. It, too, was from my eldest, his big sister. They are very much alike and so, tend to know exactly what to do to annoy the everlovin' stuffing out of each other. Sometimes they are like oil and water, which is strange when you think about how often like follows like. Or maybe not so much when you consider that. But following his tough game on Sunday, she wanted to encourage him for his game on Tuesday night. She wanted him to know that she was in his corner, rooting for him.

I just might have to keep that note for myself, too.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone! May you be blessed with encouraging words of love this week.

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