Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gettin' My Craft On

I go in cycles with projects. Sometimes I am not in the mood. Sometimes other priorities get in my way and I find myself with little time, even if I have the desire to be creative. But sometimes, I find myself with both the desire and the time and I become a little manic in finding projects I want to do and then completing them. This is one of those times. It helps that this week I only have one child home with me and she is spending 4 hours each day at day camp.

I found this ribbon topiary and it was so cute I couldn't resist. It seemed to meet my criteria. It was inexpensive, quick, and there weren't very many steps. One of my biggest problems with crafting is that I find myself losing interest if things take too long to complete. This one took about an hour and it had the added benefit of being able to do it in front of the television in the evening. Score!!

I decided to do two of them. I went ahead and did the red, white, and blue one so that I can use it for the upcoming holiday. But I also thought one would be sweet as a centerpiece for the table for Mary's birthday party, which is going to have a garden party theme.

The beauty of this project is that you can paint the pots, or teacups or whatever base you use, a color that would go with several holidays--white or red, for instance, and then use coordinating ribbons for various holidays (Valentine's, Christmas, July 4th could all have the same red base) and just create the different topiary balls and swap them out on the dowels. Does that make sense?

Here are mine.

I think they turned out well. I can't wait to see Mary's on her birthday table. Then when the party is over, it will go in her bedroom, because the colors I used also match her room.

I can't take credit for most of the projects I do. People tell me I'm creative, but I tell them that I'm just really good at copying other people. And that's okay with me if I can find things like this to copy!

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