Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Thursday: Love and Traditions

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to make hollyhock dolls. She had learned this from her mother or grandmother and spent many hours making and playing with the little flower dolls when she was little.

I still remember warm summer days, plucking flowers and handing them to my mother to form into dolls. I remember enjoying it and thinking how beautiful the dolls were--like little fairies.

Several years ago, when my siblings and their families were gathered at my parents' house, my mom taught my oldest daughter and my nieces how to make the dolls. I'm not even sure that Mary was born or even a glimmer in our eyes at the time. So today, I passed the tradition down to her.

We chose just the right blossoms and assembled our dolls. She said, "They are beautiful and magical!"

She named them Rose and Merryweg and I contributed Mab and Maeve. We found some rocks and flower petals and built the dolls a little home under the lily leaves.

Watching Mary play with the dolls I felt a connection with the strong women in my family that have passed on this tradition. Women who have taught love and strength and compassion and creativity. Women who have triumphed over adversity, found joy in small things and made the best lives--the best families they could.

I am hoping that someday, my girls will show their daughters and granddaughters how to make hollyhock dolls. But I am also hoping that they will continue in the tradition of the women in our family and live and love fiercely and with joy.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.

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