Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If Wishes Were Horses...

I've spent the better part of the last day and a half wishing. Dude. If all my wishes were horses, I'd be riding in style.

I wish...

that the caloric and nutritional value of M&Ms and broccoli were switched.

that I understood science better. That whole thing the Nobel prize winner was working on? So. Confused.

that I wasn't afraid of power tools so that I could work on some things I want to do around here.

I wish...

that parenting was as easy and black and white as I thought it was before I had kids.

that I could take on the heartaches and heart breaks of my children.

that beds made themselves.

I wish...

that I was a dog. Or at least a dog in this house. Life would be so very easy and so very good.

that "end of life" issues were easier.

that fall colors lasted longer.

I wish...

that my mom's visit would've lasted longer.

that my dad had come over for a while, too.

that laundry would get done as quickly in my mother's absence as it does in her presence.

I wish...

that I could look at my camera and feel the need to pick it up and take pictures.

that I could figure out what's wrong with my printer.

that the dumb dog were hairless.

I wish...

that all television shows were as good as Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife.

that teachers and cops and firefighters and nurses would be celebrated for what they do the way the Kardashians are celebrated for doing nothing.

that a pumpkin roll would magically show up on my doorstep along with some apple cider.

I wish...

that I could figure out what to make for dinner.

that groceries were cheaper.

that my sewing machine liked me.

I wish...

that both of my brothers lived closer. I miss them.

that making a decision on paint colors was easier.

that I could have pretty hands.

I wish...

that I had picked the last tomatoes before the frost.

that the election was over so I wouldn't have to listen to the shouting and disrespect and division.

that you could know just how much you coming here and reading my words and leaving comments means to me.

See what I mean? I'd be riding in style. Giddyap!

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