Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Randomness

Today at QSS, we have a bit of October randomness for your viewing pleasure. There have been several things burbling about in the dark and scary recesses of my brain--most of which, luckily for you, I won't share here. But, in the interest of full nearly full partial a tiny little bit of disclosure I will share a few.

Thing the First

    This girl?
    She is growing in beauty and wisdom and good stuff. (Wordsmith!) But I also find myself worrying over her. 16 is hard. Hard on her. Harder on me, I think.

Thing the Second
     This boy?
     It is Vocabulary Day at school. No, he isn't going as "The Most Interesting Man In The World." He is dressing as his vocabulary word--"pretentious." Prep school jacket? Check Brandy snifter? Check. Fake posh accent? Check. One hardly sounds pretentious when they are rockin' the Indiana Twang. (I don't have Indiana Twang. I have T-ville Twang. The mother tongue of my hometown. It's all good.)

     We made up a fake school crest, named his school "Pretentious Academy" (his vocab word had to be present somewhere on his costume), and created a Latin motto: Ego Super Omnia--Ego Over All. I'm hoping that the darn things stay attached until his English class. Also, really hoping that the brandy snifter doesn't get tagged as inappropriate and get us both in trouble. I was trying to get him to carry a pipe, but he told me that that was a no-go. I'm not even sure where I could get a pipe, so it's just as well. We've been throwing around lines like "I was lunching with The Donald on his yacht over the weekend when I received an emergency call from the POTUS, asking for my advice regarding the latest polling numbers," and "Oh, summering in the Hamptons is just okay. It seems that the riffraff is taking over. Why, do you know that when I was playing a round with Tiger--who by the way seems to have corrected his back swing per my tutoring--I kept getting texts from Beyonce and JayZ asking when I was going to stop by for a swim and help with the bass on the latest album they are working on? The nerve! Next year I believe we'll summer in Switzerland. The Swiss are sooo much more polite." So you know, good times.

Thing the Third

     This boy? Number 59? He rocked his game on Sunday. He held his blocks on the O-Line and when  they put him in on a couple of defensive plays, he got a tackle in the backfield. Yeah, baby! I'm pretty sure that milkshakes as bribery incentive are working.

Thing the Fourth

     Have you read this? It's changed my perspective on being in pictures. I am doing my best to think about this when a camera comes out and someone wants to take my picture. In fact, it led to a self-portrait session the other day where I came out with a couple of photos I like. They aren't the best--a little fuzzy, a little grainy--but they are something for my kids to look at one day and remember, and that's what I'm aiming for.

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