Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, we went downtown for this little party last night. I have to say it was super in every way: Super Sized, Super Crowded, Super Friendly, Super Exciting, Super Fun.

And alas, Super Disappointing in that I did not get to tell Jimmy Fallon how wicked ahhsome he is. Apparently I was a couple hours late to see him on the zipline. Bummer. But we did get to see some other great stuff.


And look, here's where the zipline ends.

And here is where it starts--several stories above the ground.

And here's someone ziplining!

Shoot. That's a tame one. We saw people upside down! And several taking videos of their trip. And I became a big "woo girl" once again because every time someone flew by overhead I gave a big "WOOOOOOOOOO!" I'm happy to say I caused many others around me to "woooo" as well. If someone decided to put one of these somewhere in Indy permanently, I think they could make a million billion dollars. Lots of people--including me--would have loved to ride, but didn't get the chance.

Inside the NFL experience, there was a lot of standing in line. See?

We felt rather like cattle being herded and I found myself mooing out loud rather than just in my head. Hey. It helped pass the time.

Once we got out of all the various lines, we found a good spot for a commemorative photo.

I love the look on my beloved's face. It says gee-these-are-mighty-good-times-I'm-having-can-we-please-find-another-line-to-stand-in-because-that-would-make-my-night. I'm not sure what James is doing. Trying to look cool like a SuperBowl champ? The world may never know.

Then we found other places for photo ops. Like the photos spots for each team. We have a friendly Giant

and a terrifying Steeler.

I'm not sure why we didn't take some of the rest of us behind the Colts dummy.

And we hit the mock locker room and found the gear of some favorite players. #10 with #10.

My Steelers fan with Mike Wallace's gear.

I was all "Hey, isn't Mike Wallace a little old to be playing football? He should stick with 60 Minutes." And James was all "60 Minutes? Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?" Whatever. You kids get off my lawn.

Then we hit the Play60 field and watched Curtis Painter (Colts QB and former Boilermaker) have some fun with bunches of lucky kids.

We also saw the NFC,


and Lombardi trophies.

And some more jerseys.

Now there's a jersey!

Oh! Watch out girls! Don't get trampled!

Then we headed outside and heard some music and watched people and made our way to the Circle to see the giant XLVI letters. At this point, I had to carry Mary piggyback because she told me that she had walked enough and had enough exercise for the entire week.

We encountered some officers and their mounts.

Thanks, horses, for providing awesome entertainment for Mary just by being horses, and for pooping, so that my 10 year old would be delighted, too.

And finally made it to the Circle.

It was a party there like I've never seen. Maggie said that she thought it must be a little like Times Square on New Year's Eve. She's probably right. But it was much warmer. (Crazy weather for January, but this girl's not complaining!)

I've never seen our downtown so crowded. Or so wonderful. Indy, you shone like a jewel last night. Thanks for the great time!

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