Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Queen Of King Cake

Over the last several years when I've wanted King cake to celebrate Fat Tuesday, I've just bought one at my local grocery store. But this year, thanks to Pinterest--and no small level of Pinsanity--I decided to attempt to make my own.

I won't tell you it was simple, because it was a bit of a time consuming process. Making a yeast bread always involves time. But I will tell you it was delicious. I think it turned out pretty good--even if the kids did use up all the purple sprinkles on the Christmas cookies. (Really, children? Really? Purple as a Christmas color? Why back in my day we only had red and green. Only the rich people had other colors. And the really rich people had the silver dragees that would break your teeth if you bit them wrong. What did the really rich people care? They could afford to have their teeth replaced! Also, we had to eat them barefoot. Up hill. In the snow. Or something.)

Anyway! It was tasty. And I would really declare myself the Queen of the King Cake, but I guess by rights that title should go to Maggie, who found the baby.

She's really excited about it. Can't you tell? She made me take about 25 pictures and they are all various forms of her mugging it up for the camera. I just don't get her. We are sooo different. That apple fell so far away from the tree it's just a dot!


So.  Let's recap.

King Cake = easy but time consuming
Eating King Cake = delicious
Finding the baby in the King Cake = yippee!
My daughter + me = so similar that sometimes it's scary.

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