Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

Hey! I still have my fingers! I am not typing this with my nose! And apparently I still know how to use exclamation points!

Okay. So. The chair is done. (!) ( I had to use one more there because that statement deserved one.) It's not perfect and if you look too closely at it, you will know that it was done by a complete amateur who had no earthly idea what she was doing. So, you know, don't look too closely. Heh. Even if you are looking closely, the finished chair looks--and smells--better than the chair I came home with from Goodwill.

Eventually it will go in the sitting area in my master bedroom. We have a sitting area. It's just right now, you can't really sit there because there's an ironing board, several boxes of my beloved's crap important stuff, and an empty unused file cabinet in the way. (Three guesses who the file cabinet belongs to. And the first two guesses don't count...) But! Someday I will have a sitting area there. It will also have my own desk by the window overlooking our back yard. I will sit there and ignore my children bury my nose in a book that I can't put down. (Speaking of books that cannot be put down, have you read "Room"? If not, hie thee to your nearest book procuring place and get it. It is unputdownable.I don't care what spell check says, that is totally a word.)

Enough talky stuff. Here are pictures. Yay! Lookie, lookie!

Before: Stinky, blue "velvet."

After: Good smelling and mildly distressed. (You would never think those two things would go together, but they do!)

I went with a distressed finish because I wanted a look that would fit into the bright, airy, blue/white/beachy bedroom that I will someday have. My children all told me that they thought the chair looked good but they asked me when I was going to finish it. When I told them it was done, they pointed out the "bare and scratchy spots." My children don't know from distressed finishes. Whatevs. Also, the fabric I had chosen didn't look right to me, but I got a great deal on it and didn't want to find different fabric. So I just used the "back side" of the fabric. I like it much better. That's right. The side you are supposed to see and sit on is facing the inside. Look at me! I'm a rebel!

I am happy. Now I just have to clear out my sitting area so that I can put my chair there and actually sit there. But that's a project for another day. My fingers are still recovering.

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