Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Went On Vacation And All I Got Was This Blotchy Spray Tan: The Picture Edition

This sign spoke to me. I wonder if Newport would sell me one. I would totally hang it next to our family crest. Um, if we actually had a family crest.

This sign also spoke to me. Mmmmm...

James to Mary: That better be the only pole I ever see you on, young lady. Me: Snggqubbtttt! (That's the sound you make when simultaneously doing a spit take and choking on your tongue.)

Hey! Front wheels in Kentucky and back wheels in Ohio! And now, front wheels in Ohio and back wheels in Kentucky! Wheeeeeee!

Not really sure why Mary has the crazy eye. Except maybe Sharks! Lots! And lots! Of Sharks!

He weighs as much as a juvenile shark ray. Anyone know someplace that has shark ray wrestling? Because my money's on the kid with the curly hair.

Her feet hurt. He offered to give her a piggy back ride. I have socked this picture away in my memory. It will come in handy in the future when I feel like dipping him in ketchup and eating him.

What? Don't you take random pictures outside of restaurants with you Spanish vocabulary? Also, Perky Bear Pancakes! Yay!

There was screaming. I said, "Act crazy." He tried to lick her. Must teach boy-child difference between 'crazy' and 'gross.'

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