Monday, April 18, 2011

It Could Be Beautiful. Or I Could Lose My Fingers. Time Will Tell.

Hubris or hope? Courageous or crazy? Frugal or folly? In for a treat or in over my head? These are all the things that went through my mind when I picked up this chair at Goodwill last week and decided to fix it up.

I have always had reservations about buying upholstered pieces from someplace like Goodwill, but after giving the chair a sniff test (You should be thanking providence that there is no such thing as "smellovision" right now. Just sayin'.) I knew that I would be replacing all the material, foam included, so I gave it a shot.

I am halfway through the project right now. Which basically means that I've rid the chair of its old smelly fabric and foam, pulled a thousand and one staples, and done bodily injury to myself. Because you know that a job worth doing is worth doing well and sacrificing your fingers is just part of the deal. At least that's my story.

Hopefully today I will head out to find foam and fabric and look for an electric staple gun so that I may not totally lose my ability to play piano. Not that I ever played well, but I have found that it's helpful to retain your fingers to play more than "Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater."

I'll keep you posted and either way, win, lose, or lose my fingers, I'll show you how the chair comes out. What can I say? I keep telling you people that I'm a giver. You should totally believe me by now.

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