Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Before And After: Maggie's Room

Remember the creepy, evil, grinning sun? And the big purple flower?

They are no more!

Finally after several coats of Killz and a couple of coats of paint and lots of days of her furniture all being one big Pangaea-like island in the middle of her room, Maggie's room now looks like this:

Ahhhh...much better.

It's still not finished. I need to get some curtains and paint her furniture and possibly paint a floor canvas (Oops, tracked some spilled paint on the gross carpet. Totally an accident, even though my beloved says it was all a subconscious effort to speed up getting new carpet for the house.), get some shelving, figure out how to do some stuff with chalkboard paint, and oh, about a jillion other things. But! My daughter--who now has the same plague that I did--smiled and made happy noises when she came home from school and saw her room.

Those kinds of things are few and far between with fourteen year olds, so I'm holding on to it while I can.

Also, did you notice? No mention of dog farts or cats and hairballs. Um, until now, anyway.

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