Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And This Is Why I'll Never Win Blogger Of The Year

I don't really know. Do they actually have a Blogger of the Year? If they do, I've lost for sure. Who has a blog and then doesn't post for almost a month?

Me, apparently.


It's been famine and then feast around here as far as blog fodder goes. School got out and then there was baseball and then there was that last post about buying a discounted cake for no reason at all. Did you wonder if perhaps the discounted cake led to our demise? I'm fairly certain that would've made some news channel somewhere. FOX news, at the very least, would have covered it. Unless FOX news was in collusion with makers of discount cakes, then they'd be all, "No, no! We must keep this under wraps! Think of the economy!" and the discount cakes people would be all "Don't tell anyone about that unfortunate family! We were just starting to make headway on those stuck up bakers at Betty Crocker!"

Although I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as discounted cake people, so probably you can disregard that last little tangent. Because, hello? We are all okay here. Well, except for going off on tangents about FOX and discount cakes. But that's just me and y'all are used to my weird writing by now.

Betcha missed me. Heh.

Well, annnyywaaayy....

I had very little to write about and then BAM! I had plenty of stuff to write about, but no time to write. So, if all goes well and very well, in the next few days (unless my trainer kills me tomorrow after almost 2 weeks off) I shall regale you with tales of graduation parties, home invasions (no worries--we were only invaded by my family), tropical trips, and rousing games. ( Do you play BS? I am a master player. Believe me when I tell you that this is preferable to my children being master players. Also? When you are married to someone for 21 years, it is very hard to play this game with them.)

And, just to add a non-sequitor to the mix, guess what happens here in 28 days? Did you guess school? Because until my kids told me I was all WHEEEE! SUMMER!! Now I'm worried at how quickly the days are going to fly by until that deadline hits. Stupid kids, bursting my bubble.

Also, I promise that this post was not fueled by alcohol in any way. It only seems manic and scattered because I have about a zillion things cycloning through my brain. Also? Cycloning is totally a word and spell check should just bite me. Also? Right this very second, I am hearing THUNDER, which is a sound that hasn't been heard 'round these parts in a long time, so it's noteworthy enough to write about. Now if only it would actually rain. That would be cool.

Okay. Sorry. I promise I'm done. Until tomorrow anyway. Then, all bets are off, folks. Come back if you dare.

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