Monday, June 18, 2012

Because Sometimes It's Perfectly Reasonable Not To Have A Reason

My daughter is currently doing this:

And we wrote this on the cake:

Because sometimes the only reason you need is that your teenage daughter doesn't mind being seen with you. And because the cake was marked down to below half off. And because who doesn't love cake? And because why should we limit the reasons we celebrate to big reasons?

Sometimes the biggest joys are in celebrating the small things.

Today we have no big reason to celebrate. But we have a million small ones. The sun is shining. Hummingbirds are visiting our feeder. Our garden is producing delicious food. School is out. Sleeping in is fabulous. Swimming is a fun and entertaining diversion. We are healthy. We have a lovely home. Our dumb dog makes us laugh and loves us in a big way. My children have been getting on especially well. I have persevered at the gym. My daughter has done well learning to drive. Baseball is over and my son, after a big slump, finally got some hits in his last game. My other son is shaving. My youngest is great at the backstroke. I could go on and on.

Nope. We don't have a reason for buying such a cake. Except it would have been unreasonable not to.

What will you celebrate today?

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