Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Late Graduation! (I'm Blaming The Wormhole!)

It's been almost a month since what I'm posting about today happened. I must be in some sort of wormhole or time warp. That's the only excuse I have to explain why there is a month-long gap between the event and the posting. Well, that and the fact that seven days after this event, my family started descending upon my home for the 4th, they stayed for 3 days, then my own family left for 10 days of vacation. Then I spent the last week since we've been home trying not to fall asleep while I was eating or driving because I needed a vacation from my vacation.

So instead of being one of those bloggers who is full of excuses, I will be the one who gives some sort of pseudoscientific excuse. I'm going with wormhole. It just sounds waaaay more believable than time warp.

Okay. Enough. Let's get to the Event.

My nieces had a graduation party. One of them, Olivia, who has the distinction not only of being my niece but also my goddaughter, was graduating from high school. The other, Audrey, who is just my niece and not my goddaughter, but whom I guess I still think is pretty nifty (okay, she's great!) was graduating from 8th grade. Their parents, my brother (Uncle Grumpy) and sister-in-law threw a party and we were determined not to miss it.

Thus we found ourselves driving to Chicago for a lickety-split weekend.

There was my nephew (with one of his uncles) who is taller than me--and at about 6'5" just about everyone else, too--but whom I can still tickle until he is helpless. That sounds much creepier than it actually is, I promise.

And there was my other nephew who tried very, very hard to kill me with his cuteness.

There was hula hooping. And then growling when the hula hooper realized that her mother had been photographing her.

There was my son, who ate a couple hamburgers, several hot dogs, chips, and a handful of cookies and brownies. And who, I believe, has a hole in his leg. Or a worm of some type. Yeah. I'm going with the leg hole.

And there was my beautiful niece/goddaughter.

I am a horrible aunt/godmother/photographer because I really didn't take many photos and this is the only one of I have of her on this occasion. I didn't even get a picture of Audrey. Way to go, Aunt Sara/Loser! In my defense, I was very busy trying to hide the hideous seashell owls some place in their home that they would be discovered, but not before we left so that they didn't wind up back in our car while Uncle Grumpy and his family jeered at us to enjoy the owls. Apparently this takes an inordinate amount of time and doesn't allow for such frivolous things as taking photographs of momentous occasions.

Fortunately, I was going to be seeing Uncle Grumpy's clan at my home within the week for the 4th, during which time, I managed to snag a few photos.

And probably, assuming I can get out of this wormhole, I'll be posting those here sometime in the next month week.

In any event, my nieces are both incredibly bright, shiningly beautiful girls and I am proud of both of them and know that they will do big things in the future.

And hopefully, I'll do a better job with the photography.

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