Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Way With Words

My daughter's teacher has a writing center set up in their classroom. She has the kids writing about anything and everything. This is right up Mary's alley. At home, she keeps a notebook all on her own that she writes in "just for fun". I'm not sure I can explain just how much I love this. The writer and word lover in me quivers with glee.

Recently her class was reading variations of the Jack and the Beanstalk stories. She came home with a paper she had written. Hers had writing on the front and the back, with a picture included. ("My story was longer than everybody else's, mom. I had to write on the back. I couldn't help it. I had a lot to say.") I'm sharing it here not only because I liked her story, but also because her idea of heaven is pretty cool.

My magical beanstalk leads to gods palace Heaven where angels sing prasies to god. it's all white and puffy and bouncy and I get to meet lots of angels and the angels have silk on and they have gold wings. Just like the gate. god gives me whatever I want. I asked him to plese let me have a doaghnot. he said yes. we played tag and then it was time to go back to earth and go to sleep and I said I'd come back and I did. for fourty months intil the plant [I believe she means "planet"] died and I had to go to the retirement home. but god still plays with me in my dreams

I'm not sure about the whole retirement home/death of Earth subplot, but all in all, I'm impressed.
Seriously. Playing tag with God? Doughnuts? I want to go to there.

I say give her a few years and she'll be out-writing me. Shoot--given the misspellings of the word "angels" that I see all over the place (twitter, I am talking to you), she'll be outdoing the general public in no time.

Way to go Mrs. F., for encouraging my daughter in her love of the written word!

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