Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Feet & Soft Lips

I have my dad's feet. I mean, I don't literally have my father's feet on the bottoms of my legs. That would be...strange. I mean, I inherited dry, cracked feet from him. My mother's feet are soft and ladylike. My dad has man feet. As befits a man.

You know what doesn't befit a lady? Man feet. And I has 'em. (Thanks, dad. Why couldn't I have inherited your natural ability with numbers?) In fact, several years ago, James felt my bare feet and told me that they felt like turtles. I asked him what he meant and he said "dry and scaly." Um...thanks, son. It's not that I didn't know my feet were dry and crackly, it's just that I couldn't find anything to make them less so. They felt great after the occasional pedicure, but they would always revert back to man feet in a few short days.

Until early last winter I was waiting for some paint to be mixed up at Lowe's and something caught my eye. It was this: O'Keefe's Working Hands.

No more turtle feet!
I picked it up and thought I would try it on my hands because they often get small cracks on them in the winter. After using it for a few days, my hands were so soft and the cracks were gone, so I decided to use it on my feet. Friends, it was like a miracle! After a couple of days, my feet were soft, smooth, and not at all crackly or turtle-like in any way. I couldn't believe it. And the best part is, it only takes a little. That tub in the picture? It's my first one and it's just now empty--and that is with both Patrick and I using it. Also? There is no scent that I can detect. And I am very sensitive to scents. I have to be careful, because I find the wrong scent or too strong a scent can trigger a migraine. This has nothing, so it was great for both myself and my beloved.

My feet are soft, smooth, and ready for sandals. And now the only turtles my son talks about are the ones in the back yard.

Okay, so I inherited man feet from my dad. You know what I inherited from my mother? The need to have something on my lips at all times. I have a friend that teases my mom about putting on lipstick after she finishes eating (Hi Melinda!) and once when we were all eating together, I pulled my lipstick out too, and I thought Melinda was going to have a seizure, such was her delight in finding out that I had followed in my mother's footsteps with this.

I'm not sure why mom does it, but my reasons are twofold: 1) despite now drinking over a gallon of water a day, my lips feel dry if I don't have moisturizing lipstick or lip balm on them, and 2) the natural color of my lips is just about the same color as my skin. If I don't put something with a little color on them, I look sickly. Seriously. I have had people ask me if I feel faint or need to sit down.

 So when I found Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm, I was exited to try it. I picked out the color Sunny Berry and it was a great fit with my skin color. Plus, it has SPF 20 in it, so my lips get sun protection as well. Bonus!

Sunny Berry or deathly pale lips? Um, Sunny Berry, please!

Now when I go out somewhere, likely as not, the color on my lips is this sheer lip balm. My lips feel good and I don't have to worry about strangers calling 911 for me.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because when you find something good, you want everyone to know about it! So there. Now you know.

My lips and feet are ready for summer. And the rest of me? Well I'm working on it. :)

**I was not paid or compensated for this post in any way. Trust me, O'Keefe's and Neutrogena have no earthly idea who I am. I just like their products and thought I'd share my opinion.

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